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Welcome to a blog on one of the most hidden journeys of expats or global nomads and the globally mobile family  – the journey that involves the major life changes of aging and retirement, sudden disability, family care-giving, and death.

This journey is not  fun, glamorous or exciting, but it is a journey the tribe of global nomads and anyone who serves the globally mobile must pay attention to.  Out of all the goodbyes that we encounter, this stage of life can include the most significant goodbyes: to physical mobility, socio-economic status and, in some ways, identity as an expat, amongst others.  These goodbyes at major life transitions are even more drastic for those most vulnerable to the disparities between the economic resources of expats’ host countries.  Often these factors are hidden by stereotypes about the expat lifestyle.

For these and other reasons, just as we pack our bags, we as a tribe must prepare for this journey, for which there is no round-trip ticket.

I invite you to join me at the gate to listen for the Last Boarding Call.

Photo credits: “A Year in Boarding Passes” Kim Davies with Creative Commons License (photo cropped)

Created July 1, 2014

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